Retreat Musings

Siesta Key Yoga Retreat Musings

“Your work is to discover your work.

And then with all your heart give yourself to it”¬†– Buddha

A few days ago I realized that I’ve never had this much time to myself. For the past few months I’ve been housesitting a lot. It’s kind of like sharing a personal yoga retreat with some very lovely canine company. There’s probably an untapped market for these kinds of “doga” retreats…

I’m just so grateful to have this incubation time. I’ve been able to focus on my projects without a lot of distraction. And I’ve been enjoying the feeling of being in sync with my own rhythms. After being in a fairly solitary space I’ve noticed how much I appreciate human interactions. When I go out for a bike ride I find that I pay more attention to people. I also smile quite a bit.

Smiling (like yawning) can be contagious.

Riding a cruiser bike puts me in the best mood. I gave up owning a car three years ago. There’s just something so liberating about riding a bike.

I started teaching again last month and it’s been wonderful. Giving myself some time off always makes teaching feel much more vibrant. A big part of this is because I’m in a place where I can actually recognize (and act from) my own rhythm. I also have a renewed appreciation for practicing with people.

It feels like I’m learning how to live all over again.

It’s very much about the baby steps. In the past I would have resisted having so much alone time, but now I can see the value of it. Alone time makes it easier to notice what’s happening within and around me. I have more clarity with navigating the doors that open or close, and a better awareness of when to push or back off. I can trust the ups and downs of life just by accepting that everything is a learning opportunity.

It’s in the little things too… like not rushing to drink a cup of tea. Or noticing that I’m not really engaged in a show that I’m watching. This usually means that there’s something else I’d rather be doing. I just have to stop and ask myself what that is.

I make mistakes too.

Like not putting on sunscreen before going to a yoga class on the beach and ending up looking like a tomato for a couple of days. It’s all a part of the learning process. I’ve also been enjoying the more subtle aspects of my practice… like unraveling body memory imprints or the messages in my dreams.

I believe that we all have an abundance of innate wisdom available to us. One way to start is by opening up to ourselves in a quiet place. This isn’t always the easiest thing to do, so just try noticing when life feels¬†like a routine instead of a practice. I’ll do it too.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Author: Emily Seymour

Health and Fitness Specialist in Pecos, Texas.

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