Pure Perception

I do some of my best thinking in the shower.  Puzzles have a way of coming together for me in there.  Such as how to explain my view of Pure Perception.

What interferes with our ability to have free, inspired thought?  

To start, consider the impact of our consumer culture: TV, magazines, mainstream news. Hollywood and media icons.

We’ve been taught to view these things as entertainment.

For many people, television is a form of daily meditation.  And yet so much of what’s on television is mediocre at best.

Next, consider the experience of standing at the checkout counter in your local grocery store.  The tabloids are brain numbing – filler for the mind the way McDonald’s is filler for the body.

These things do nothing to uplift, enlighten or educate people. Instead they fuel our lower tendencies.

Extracting ourselves from mind-numbing influences is essential for inspiration.  This can be challenging to do when we’re surrounded by the influences of our cultural engineering.

It is possible to re-pattern our thinking and perspectives.  It just takes time and energy, which doesn’t fit with the quick-fix mentality a.k.a. mall mantra:

“Give me, Love me, Buy me, OM.”

Lack of Self Worth

Negative belief systems also interfere with pure perception.  Mainstream culture does very little to support people in feeling whole.  The focus is on fueling states of conflict, discontent, and a sense of striving for something that is impossible to attain.

So what does an alternative look like?  And what does neutrality feel like?  Most people can relate to this as the experience of being in nature – feeling calm, quiet, and receptive.

(I go more into detail about environment in Creating Space.)

 The state of pure perception is subtle but can be very vivid within the right circumstances.  It involves creating a gateway for clarity and inspiration.  This allows us to connect with our humanness, our creative selves and our highest sense of purpose.

What’s your biggest challenge with staying open to inspiration?  Feel free to leave a comment in the box below.


Author: Emily Seymour

Health and Fitness Specialist in Pecos, Texas.

4 thoughts on “Pure Perception”

  1. I love this blog article Emily. Well done!

    My biggest obstacle to Pure Perception is ego delusion and attachment to the mistaken idea that any of this is actually ‘real,’ happening out there somewhere…This mistake in perception leads me away from the source of true inspiration and Joy.


  2. Great post, Emily!

    I have always had a latent concern with things claiming to be “pure”. In my tradition, pure (which by it’s nature is 100% in one direction) cannot exist. Perhaps 99.999%… but never all… never PURE.

    Perception, in my opinion, needs flexibility, grace, and understanding. I’d like to think that this is what you mean when you say “PURE” perception.

    Looking forward to your next post!

    1. Right on William! Absolutely, how pure is pure? Realistically speaking, there is no way to avoid some kind of adulteration to our perception – we are veritable sponges to our environments. I’m only suggesting that people consider the common obstructions in our cultural environment that impair our ability to receive inspiration.

      We can look to various traditions for belief systems and structures (which by all means I think we should), but I encourage the idea of taking them with a grain of salt. The degree to which each person defines their personal belief compound will be unique, and incomparable with anyone else’s. I also believe that true states of purity require a level of resiliency. Flexibility, grace and understanding – yes, yes, and YES. Thanks for fueling the awareness!

  3. Emily,

    I just got done reading your blog, and its awesome! Thank you for sharing, and the first video is great. If only everyone was vulnerable to love, and not trying to be in control of everything, unachievable miracles could be achieved. I’m about to watch the rest of these videos 🙂


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