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Emily Seymour Yoga Flexible Aging

 “A Yogi measures the span of his life not by the number of years but by the number of his breaths.” – Sri Swami Sivananda

People will sometimes ask me how old I am. Honestly, I tend to forget (and it’s not from senility haha). On more than one occasion I’ve had to use a calculator to determine my age. It just isn’t something that I think about that much…

In my experience age associations tend to be more constrictive than empowering. You’re always too young or too old for something. And when someone learns your age their perspective of you shifts (I see this all the time). Age association shapes our idea of who we think we are. This can have an effect on us but only if we allow it to. Time is flexible to our perception of it.

You are not your age.

People tend to be surprised when I tell them how old I am. It’s partly because I don’t fit into the box of my age group. I try to maintain mental flexibility around aging. There’s a saying in yoga that what we focus our attention on tends to grow in size. Mindfulness meditation is a good tool for navigating potentially limiting thought patterns.

Your perception of yourself is one of the most powerful tools that you have in your belt. It helps to be aware of the ways that we talk about ourselves. Saying things like “I’m getting too old” is a sure-fire way to box yourself into self-imposed limitations. It’s the same with self-identifying with physical illnesses (example: “my arthritis”).

How we view our life experiences can also be limiting. Fixating on some aspect of the past as the being the “best time” of our lives makes us less likely to be open to new or different experiences.

Backbends reverse the aging process.

Your physiological age can be measured by the flexibility of your spine. Psychologically, backbends help us to access the “backpack” of our past which is held in the dorsal side of the body. Releasing and opening the body through back bending helps us digest our past memories. Opening the front body allows us to become more receptive to the present moment and future.

I’ll never forget a birthday present of wisdom that was given to me by a fellow yogini. We were talking about aging and I was surprised to learn that she was forty years old. Her youthful and powerful presence made her look fifteen years younger. She quietly confided that “age is all spirit.”

How old is your spirit?

Emily Seymour Yoga Flexible Aging Backbends


Author: Emily Seymour

Personal Trainer in Parker, Colorado. Dance, Yoga, Martial Arts

One thought on “Mind Gym – Flexible Aging”

  1. Thank you for the encouragement embodied in this site.
    Just reading it augments my breathing and focus.
    Your teaching transcends the classroom.
    That’s a different connection to the universe, altogether.

    Your mom sent me the link to your site.
    We’ve been friends for 53 years.
    Our physical paths diverged at 17; our experiences, as well. I moved a lot, often out of the country, where my wings fully unfolded.
    Yet, the inner being, the essential, remains.
    Perhaps in different shapes, proportions, gratefully the essential remains. Erudite postulation is one thing; engaging with a friend on the eternal is wholly another…
    Holy to me. Sacred making.
    You are a part of that.
    Though we’ve yet to meet, I consider you kin.
    aka Padma

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