Emily Seymour eagle pose yogaEDUCATION

Naropa University, CO       2005 ~ 2006

  • B.A. in Traditional Eastern Arts
  • Concentration in Yoga, Minor in Dance
  • 1000 hour Teacher Training Certification
  • Teacher’s Assistant, Nataraja Kallio (2006 -08)

SUNY Brockport, NY, Dance Major       2003 ~ 2004

Hampshire College, MA, Dance Major     1997 ~ 1998

Relevant Coursework:

    • Yoga I – Introduction to Hatha Yoga
    • Yoga II – Psychology of the Chakras
    • Yoga III – Advanced Integral Yoga
    • Yoga IV – Integral Practice and Teacher Training
    • Yoga V – Teacher Training
    • Yoga History, Theory and Philosophy
    • Yoga Meditation Practicum
    • Shambhala Meditation I + II
    • Body Mind Centering
    • Contemplative Hinduism
    • Anatomy: Learning Through the Senses
    • Anatomy and Physiology
    • Indian Devotional and Raga Singing
    • Tai Chi I + II
    • Taoist QiGong: Twelve Pieces of Brocade
    • Introduction to Taoist Philosophy



Jin Wei        2012 ~ 2015

Traditional Oriental Bodywork, Food Therapy, Martial Arts.

African Festivals in American Schools Residency Program       1998 ~ 2000

Arthur Hall International Dance Company        1996 ~ 1998


Massage Therapy ~ Delta-Montrose Technical College, CO

5Rhythms ~ New York, NY

Rhythm Sanctuary ~ Boulder, CO

Richard Freeman ~ The Yoga Workshop, Boulder CO

The Garth Fagan Dance Company ~ Rochester, NY

The Frequent Flyers ~ Boulder, CO

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training ~ Reflex Arts, Sarasota FL

Jason Nemer ~ Vital Yoga, Denver CO

Rolf Institute of Structural Integration ~ Boulder, CO

Sara Yarborough Smith ~ Camden, ME

Emily Seymour yoga education side crow pose

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  1. I’m so impressed with your website. While I was aware of many (but not all) of the components of your experience and your training, to see it all laid out is stunning! Everything I experienced about your path when we were recently together has only been heightened by this website. Your professional growth has , as Emerl LaGasse, been “kicked up a notch.” I’m very proud of my daughter!

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