Mind Body Mandala Seal

Mind Body Mandala Seal

The Mind Body Mandala seal represents a path leading to the highest expression of the Soma Chakra.

In Sanskrit, Soma means “to press” as in extracting a liquid to create a drink. The concept of Soma dates back to the Rig Veda, the oldest source book of knowledge on the planet. The Ninth Mandala of the Rig Veda praises Soma as an elixir of enlightenment. The ancient ritual of creating this legendary elixir reflects a deeper internal ritual or alchemy of awareness.

Chakra means “wheel” and refers to spinning vortices of energy within the subtle body. Chakras are depicted as flowers with varying numbers of petals. Located between the third eye and crown, the Soma Chakra is a sixteen petaled lotus containing a crescent moon. The Soma Chakra is associated with the ideal-auspicious state of mental clarity that is necessary for achieving soul liberation, or Jiva Mukti.

The counterpart of Soma is Agni, the fire, light or energy principle. As Soma’s twin, Agni is the fire of awareness reflected in the cosmic power of consciousness. Soma is described as having an oily quality that can sustain and nourish fire. The union of Soma and Agni are depicted in the seal as an oil lamp.

The four doors represent the four branches of the Mind Body Mandala program. Inspired by the principles of the Circle of the Spirit, these universal stages offer a path to the awakened bodymind. The seal is an invitation to the adventure of Self inquiry and the transformation promised by the Yoga tradition.

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